The Whitewind Comany

During a recent completion of a new Bombardier Global 5000 that my company was tasked to oversee, we had some concerns over the ability of the paint facility to produce the kind of finish that we required.

After speaking with Mr. Waite it was decided that we would utilize his skill and knowledge as a paint consultant. Mr. Waite dealt directly with the paint facility personnel throughout the entire process and by working together and exploring different methods then what is normally used they were able to produce a paint quality that was up to our expectations.

I would not hesitate to Use Mr. Waite's services again and would highly recommend him to anyone in the process of painting any type of aircraft.

Ken Lavine
The Whitewind Comany


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NetJets Large Aircraft Company, LLC.

Mike Waite has been hired to perform paintwork on several occasions for Netjets. The paintwork consisted of the prep work and refinishing of the lavatory showers installed in our BBJ's. This work was particularly challenging in that the showers were unable to be removed because of their size. This meant that the finish work had to be accomplished on site. Mike painstakingly masked off the interior of the airplane for the sanding and preparation for paint. Once this step was done Mike had to remove all dust and debris and then discard the masking only to re-install new masking for the painting step. These steps sound simple enough but consider there can be no escape of sanding particles or paint overspray into the airplane interior or any of the electronic equipment. This work was done in confined space and Mike was prepared with all of the necessary protective equipment. Absolutely no sanding material or paint overspray escaped into the aircraft and the showers came out flawless.

More recently, Mike has been tasked with overseeing a full strip and repaint of one of our Boeing Business Jets. Mike insisted on certain standards as this work was being done. For example, the vendor wanted to sand with 180-grit sandpaper to save time and effort but Mike ensured the vendor sanded with 320 or 240-grit sandpaper so the paint would flow out and provide the VIP quality that was expected. There were areas of the aircraft that Mike insisted the vendor re-shoot to ensure that we had the quality that was expected. One can imagine how the vendor must have felt having a professional painter watching over their every move but Mike stood up for what was right and I am happy to say that the aircraft came out excellent.

Mike handles himself in a professional manner and I would not hesitate in recommending him for aircraft paint services at anytime.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at 860-299-6523 if additional information is required.

Ernest P. Gurrieri
Director of Maintenance NetJets Large Aircraft Company, LLC.


This letter is to recommend Mr. Michael Waite, an aircraft painter and re finisher. I have known Mike for some time, and over the past 2 years he has done a considerable amount of touch up and refinishing work for me on our Gulfstream IV.

I have found Mike to be a very thorough and particular worker. We have an extremely detail-oriented aircraft owner, and I have discovered to my great pleasure, that Mike fits well with that scenario. He is very detail-oriented as well, and will not consider a job completed until it meets his exacting specifications. 1 know that it is because of this trait, as well as his skills as a painter, that I have never found any part of his work that needed to be corrected when the jots was completed. His paint-matching and blending skills are excellent, even under the most difficult circumstances where metallic paints are concerned.

Additionally, Mike is a very personable Individual who is easy to work with. I am seriously considering employing Mike as a consultant for our flight department when we get our aircraft repainted In the next year or so. I highly recommend him for any refinishing work your organization may need to accomplish.

Kenneth M. Brickett Director of Maintenance